The Red Road Art Studio is home to Canadian Artist Patrick Mahoney. So named as it embodies spiritual principles and a holistic (head to toe) approach to daily living which Patrick embraces, a determined life of truth, humbleness, respect, friendship and self-discovery.

Patrick graduated with honours and distinction on the Presidents list for academic and artistic achievement at St. Lawrence College in Kingston Ontario, in the Creative and Visual Arts program earning a Diploma in Creative and Visual Arts-speciality: Fine Art Painting.

He was mentored by eminent Artist Anthony Eyton RA following and was accepted into the Byam Shaw school of Art for completion of foundation courses with acceptance into the Royal Academy of Arts in London England to follow. Patrick's goal was to achieve Art Professorship and be a Professional Artist.

Unfortunately, funding could not be obtained and with a growing family, he applied himself to the health sciences and became a health care professional however never losing his passion for creative and artistic endeavours and continued part time to sketch, paint, design logos and write poetry. He dabbles at song writing, is a former bass guitarist in a band and currently is teaching himself guitar, playing poorly as a work in progress but, having fun.

His past Artworks are in private collections throughout the U.K and North America.

In retirement he developed and opened the Red Road Art Studio in September 2016, returning full time to his roots, zest, zeal, passion and love, for Fine Art painting.

He resides in Perth Ontario. He is grateful for the loving support of his wife, children and extended families. His dog Miss Mona doesn't seem to care one way or the other but joins him in the studio daily wagging her tail from time to time, so perhaps she does approve too!

The artist sincerely thanks you for your interest in his artworks and for visiting his website.


Perth Ontario Artist Patrick Mahoney in his studio
Perth Ontario Artist Patrick Mahoney in his studio