Welcome to Red Road Art Studio


I'm your Artist Patrick Mahoney. My Art studio in Perth Ontario Canada is open for you. Come and browse my Artworks, original authentic Fine Art paintings.

I work mainly in oils on canvas however you’ll find mixed media, pastels and washes just to name a few, on canvas, board and stock- a diversity of mediums and styles from impressionism to abstract.

My subjects are whatever moves me and what is around me on any given day to produce still life’s, portraits landscapes, abstracts and, to capture living and the beauty of life.  Commissions are always considered with your input subject to my availability.

Every Artwork piece comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity from Red Road Art Studio and me, your Artist Patrick Mahoney. Come often! Thanks for visiting today!


I am awed within and by the creative process in producing an Artwork. Which single brush stroke or colour will be the one that gives voice and meaning to the completed work? I know not however my work must speak.

Patrick Mahoney

Artwork by Patrick Mahoney
First Snow by Artist Patrick Mahoney